Project Description

In situ, land art para la memoria histórica

Installation carried out with Hélène Genvrin

Ephemeral intervention in the chapel of Santa María de la Sierra de Farrera, (Pallars Sobirà, Catalonia). The foundation of the project has two elements linked to a single concept: historical memory. On the one hand, it is a call to action on the need to recover an 11th and 12th century building of undoubted architectural value (Catalan Romanesque style). On the other hand, it is intended to underline the symbolic value it has in the history of the community. In fact, the oral tradition perpetuated by the inhabitants describes it as a refuge from the resistance offered by the republican militias against the advance of the nationalist forces of the coup regime in the events of the civil war.
The project has been financed with a crowfdunding through the Verkami platform with the participation of 173 patrons from 10 countries and with the support of the CAN, Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera and Museo Molí Paperer de Capellades.


21 days of work at Farrera.
950 handmade pine and cotton paper sheets.
75 m2 of wallpaper surface.
18 km traveled between Farrera and the chapel.

In Situ Libro objeto

50 copies edition
42,5 x 64 x 3,5 cm

Book object made from the installation under the same name.
Handmade paper, which was used to trace the wall of the Santa María de la Sierra de Farrera hermitage, Pallar Sobira, Catalonia. Each object book corresponds to a specific position on the walls of the chapel.

Photo: Julieta Ansalas