”We cultivate particularly feeling for material and space…Basic Design is a forming out of material, which demonstrates the possibilities and limits of materials. This method emphasizes learning, a personal experience, rather than teaching. And so it is important to make inventions and discoveries…”

Josef Albers
June, 1934

Disegn di carta. Dalla piega all’oggetto

The workshop aims to teach how to use paper folding processes as a design tool and creation of artifacts, in particular of some forms that can be manipulated to become furnishing objects.

Specific goals include: knowing some geometric variations of the V folds, Learning how to create volumes by changing the direction of the V folds, Working on the different formats of the sheet of paper such as square and rectangular, Creating volumetric structures in both vertical (Column) and circular format, Creating pleats to be applied to the fabrics.

All the students will be led step by step by the teacher to realize some vases.

Date: Saturday 29 / Sunday 30, October 2022

Place: Cultína,  Cagliari, Italy.


Il workshop ha lo scopo di insegnare a utilizzare i processi di piegatura della carta come strumento di design e di creazione di manufatti, in particolare di alcune forme che possono diventare oggetti di arredo.

Obiettivi specifici:

Conoscere alcune variazioni geometriche delle pieghe a V, imparare come creare volumi cambiando la direzione (cioè il verso) delle pieghe a V, lavorare a partire da diversi formati del foglio di carta, creare strutture volumetriche sia in formato verticale (a Colonna) che in formato circolare, imparare come applicare la plissettatura ai tessuti.

Tutti gli studenti saranno guidati passo dopo passo dal docente per realizzare diversi tipi di vasi.

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Geometry in motion, the art of pop-up books.

This workshop aims to teach you how to design and build pop up structures that can be used to create an interactive book.

Starting from experimenting with paper engineering techniques to build three-dimensional and moving structures, the participants will be able to use what they have learned to give three-dimensional shape to folding postcards and/or postcards books. Development of the final project: construction of a pop up book with a lay flat structure.

We can assist students also in English, French and Spanish if required.

Date: Saturday 25, Sunday 26 / Febbraio 2023

Place: Organized by Professione Libro, Milan, Italy

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Fold and cut as tapestry technique, with Anni Albers in mind.

In this masterclass, we will explore the three-dimensional potential of paper.
The sheets will be a kind of frame in which we use several interventions to make three-dimensional surfaces inspired by the works of Anni Albers.
All the experiments will end in your own paper with a 3d surface.

Date: Thursday 20 t/m Saturday 22 April 2023

Place: Organized by Bindery Wilgenkamp, Blokker (Hoorn), The Netherlands

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