My creative activity is structured around the material as a conducting vehicle. The sheet of paper that from “nothing” manages to be transformed into something else through significant artisan processes. It then becomes an intervened book, a graphic work, an embroidered map, an editorial project and even multiplies itself to cover a chapel that has fallen into disuse and is about to collapse.

The geometry and repetition of the gesture through actions such as cutting, dividing, measuring, folding, sewing, binding and stamping are some of the components with which I interrogate, evaluate and examine the possibilities and limitations of the material, in a constant desire for discovery and surprise. It is in this process that ideas linked to my experience as an individual are generated, such as my condition as a migrant, training within the field of mathematics, literary fluencies or my own didactic work.


Born in Havana city, he works and lives in Barcelona. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Havana. From a very young age he began his artistic training in a self-taught way where he further developed through continuous research and practice, finding in the intersection between textile techniques, the three-dimensionality of paper, the handmade printing and the book; an object of his own modality of expression.

Parallel to his artistic activity, he develops a didactic work giving workshops and courses in public and private institutions throughout Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.


2020 Como escogiendo arroz, Stadtbibliothek , Instituto Cervantes, Gerhard Marks Haus, Wilhelm Wagenfeld Stiftung, Villa Ichon, Bremen. Germany.

2019 Las casas de Lina, dentro de la exposición “Lina Bo Bardi Dibuja”. Fundación Miró. Barcelona.Spain.

2015 In Situ, land art para la memoria histórica, Centro d’art i natura, Farrera. Spain.


2020 Barcelona Plan B, Casa Elizalde, Barcelona. Spain.

2018 Barcelona Plan B, Chiquita Room, Barcelona. Spain.

2016 …and the winner is…, NOPX, Turin, Italy.

2015 Yo soy texto, La Bacia, Sociedad Cervantina, Madrid. Spain

2014 Writing on your desk, Design Week, Milan. Italy.

2014 Centro Amici del Libro, spazio l’Originale, Milan, Italy.

2012 Territorium, set propostes al voltant del llibre d’artista, Tinta Invisible, Barcelona. Spain

2011 Fogazzaro in libri d’artsira. Libri dai libri, Palazzo Cordellina, Vicenza, Italy.

2011 A textil experience, a passion for a color. Museo di Palazzo Cocenigo, Venecia, Italy

2010 Cantando I poeti d’Armenia, Claustro del Pontifi cio Colegio Armenio de Roma, Italy.

2010 La pagina come spazio d’arte, Salone del Libro usato, VI Ed. Milan. Italy.

2010 Art-Book in archivio, Castel San Pietro, Terme, Boloña, Italy.

2010 Un giorno di felicità, XX Miniartextil, Como, Italy.

2010 Metamorfosis del llibre 3.0, FAD, Barcelona. Spain.

2009 Metamorfosis del llibre 1.0, Universidad de Cantabria, Santander. Spain.

2009 Un més Un, Tinta Invisible,Barcelona. Spain.

2009 To play with washi, dentro de la exposición Dritto e Rovescio, La Triennale, Milan, Italy.

2008 Matrix natura, Miniartetxtil, Como, Italy.

2014 Birgit Skiöld Prize, The London Art Book Fair al libro << 42°30’22’’N, 1°16’28’’E >>.

2014 National Art Library Collections, Victoria & Albert Museum.

SUPSI, Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svisera Italiana, Lugano. Switzerland.

Mart, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Trento y Rovereto, Italy.

NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan, Italy.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma, Italy.

Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italia. Festivaletteratura, Mantova, Italy.

IED, Insituto Europeo de Diseño, Barcelona. Spain.

Universidad de Gijón, Medialab. Gijón, Spain.

Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja, Spain.

Escuela de arte de Jaén, Spain.

Escola d’Art de Girona, Spain.

Isituto Italiano Statale Comprensivo d Barcelona, Spain.

Tantàgora Serveis Culturals, Barcelona. Spain.

Stadtbibliothek Bremen, Germany.

Bauhaus, 100 años.

2019 Escola de la dona , Diputación de Barcelona. Spain.

The gesture’s repetition as language…

2018 Outofthebox Bookbinding, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2017 Spazio BK, Milan, Italy.

2016 SUPSI, Scuola  Universitaria Professionale della Suiza Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland.